Friday, March 03, 2006


First of all, hello. There probably won't be a whole lot of activity here in the beginning, but that's okay. I need a place to showcase my writing, provide links to newly published stories, and house snippets of stories that might attract the attention of editors and agents. If you've run across anything I've done feel free to comment, feedback is always useful.

Stories currently available for free on the web -

Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw. (Episode 27) Published Nov 11th 2005. Available for free download at

The Henchman Diaries: Project Giant Arachnid. Published Winter 2005. Available for free read at (in the Editor's Select section)

Ambient Sleaze. (Episode 41) Published February 16, 2006. Available for free download at

Upcoming titles -

Off-White Lies - Coming soon to Escape Pod

The Baby and the Bathwater - Coming soon to Escape Pod

Burden of Bushido: Ronin on the High Seas - Summer 06, Flashing Swords (


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