Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Story Posted Today

“Leave,” she said calmly, “just go. A recruiting visit was here just three weeks ago and they had no success. The people here don’t much like the Union. Hell, it took me almost a year before any of them would even speak to me, and I didn’t try to razzle-dazzle them.” She quickly scanned the list and produced folders matching each name. “Here,” she said and slid them across the desk, “but they won’t go with you.”

The Union tries very hard to get all Supers to sign on and become active members, but some simply won’t. This is the first Village, and already The Union is constructing others. Either the mutation rate is rising among the Normals, or we’re getting better at ferreting them out. Either way, we need more space.


Anonymous Norm said...

Great story. I'm a big Union Dues fan. I have listened to every Escape and Clone pod podcast in the saga. Keep em' coming. Glad to see more UD in the pipeline. Would you ever consider doing your own Union Dues podcast? You could re-podcast all the old stories and allow fan fiction. I'd take a stab at a UD story and podcast it myself if allowed to.

Blogger toby said...

I love your Union Dues stories. There are a lot of people doing "super hero" stories, but yours are tops. I can't tear myself away when I hear one on Escape Pod. I'm also excited to find out more about your Bushido themed stories.


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