Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cleanup in Aisle Five

Well, the response to the most recently published Union Dues story has been overwhelming, and it is very humbling. The weird downside though is that I have to make sure I maintain or exceed the quality of the previous stories with whichever one get finished/published next. And that's no easy feat!

Still, all the wonderful e-mail and comments have really encouraged me to crack the whip on the stories in process such that I've completed a few more. Now all I have to do is edit them and fine tune the language. The stories are -

All that we Leave Behind
Heart and Souls
All About the Sponsors

Now I have to tear down and rewrite Tabula Rasa, sadly, even at 6000 words it was all crap. But I have enough good ideas in the tale to make a good story, I just have to stop second guessing myself. I also have to start the first draft on the middle story in the Tim Armstrong series of UD stories, No Train No Pain so I can bundle the three together. The mini-epic is

All that we Leave Behind
No Train No Pain
Tabula Rasa

Other exciting news too about the stories that have been podcast through Escape Pod: A film and TV production company has contacted me about possibly developing the Union Dues universe into a TV series. I've only had preliminary contact with them, but we are supposed to talk in much more detail after the holidays so I'll post more once that's underway. Of course, I am still looking for a home for A Handshake, A Gold Watch, A Candle, but so far all it's received are rejections.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered you through escape pod.

I swear to god, I would buy a book of collected Union Dues stories. You get it published, you have one guaranteed, LOCK buyer.

Also, I'd encourage my friends.

Anonymous Nelson said...

Love the union dues stuff - the Diary of a Henchman was sweet as well.
it shouldn't hurt to have Sigler read your stuff.

Hope you are still writing -

Keep on keepin on ...


Blogger Bryan said...

Hi Jeff,

Congrats on the success of Union Dues. I enjoy the stories, though they kind of get me down.

I have a super hero story coming out sometime soon in the anthology Lords of Justice from Carnifex Press.

Keep them coming. I'd buy a Union Dues novel, too. =)

Peace and progress.

Anonymous Peter said...

Make that two! I've only heard the stories through EscapePod, but have been mighty impressed with them and look forward to reading more. A tv series in the right hands would have a lot of potential - I feel like some of the Battlestar Galactica producers and writers would have the right simpatico for the Union Dues universe.

I wanted to thank you for the stories so far and let you know that they helped inspire me in a current project of mine. I'm doing a series of ten, ten minute plays and was trying to come up with a story for a character who practices "tyromancy" (telling the future with cheese) and suddenly I thought: "The Tyromancer." Viola! A short play about superheroes that would not have existed if I hadn't been exposed to your stories.

Best of luck and I look forward to reading more of your stories soon.

Anonymous jrderego said...

Thanks for the comments guys :)

I tend to me more active at my MySpace account though.

If you know any agents, publishers, or producers who would like a completed series of superhero stories, drop them my name :)

Again, thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Escape Pod listener here, and another tremendously entertained fan of the Union Dues series. These stories aren't getting old, and the prospect of seeing them filmed (maybe) is very interesting and heartening news.

Blogger val said...

If Union Dues made the small screen, it would be enough to get me over to a friend's house to see it (I don't have a TV)...and the only other things that have managed that are _When The Levees Broke_ and the This American Life tv show.

And that's even though I had a very visceral, upset reaction to one of the stories. Which I like in the final analysis, but which really destroyed me for a while when I encountered it.


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