Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Cogs of the Great Machine

Writing like crazy the last few weeks. Here is a partial list of short fiction that is near completion and ready for submission -

Tout Bagay Enfom

Voodoo and Flesh Eating Zombies IN SPACE!!!!

Union Dues: The Better Mousetrap

The Union contracted marketing firm, The McDevitt Agency, begins constructing an original identity for new recruit Tim Armstrong.

Union Dues: Heart and Souls

When a military test goes wrong and The Union has to intervene, Chrome, a First Team strategist from the Chicago Pyramid has to assume the leasership role, and the consequences that come with it. During her tribunal interrogation she learns the origin of the Union.

Union Dues: Freedom's Burden

Red Raven is the first participant in a secret program to "fight crime" outside the usual Union hierarchy. She is effectively a Union connected freelancer. However, when she encounters a true vigilante on the streets of a small New England city she questions her allegience to Union methods.

Stuff in final draft stage and bouncing from publisher to publisher in a desperate attempt to find a paying home.

Burden of Bushido: Ronin on the High Seas
Burden of Bushido: The Five-Body Sword
Burden of Bushido: Emerald Treasure of the Thuggee Assassins
Hotel Nocturne: The Hunting Party
Hotel Nocturne: Employee of the Year
Union Dues: Cleanup in Aisle 5
Union Dues: All that we Leave Behind (title change pending)
Union Dues: A Handshake, A Gold Watch, A Candle

Happy/Sad Happy/Sad Happy/Sad

Happy! -

Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw and Off-White Lies were both nominated for a Parsec award (for excellence in Podcasting) in the best short fiction category! They were two of 16 or 17 general nominations for the category so I figured I had a really good chance to make it to the short list.

Sad! -

Neither story made the short list

Happy! -

Escape Pod published Union Dues: The Baby and the Bathwater on July 13th! Mur Lafferty did a steller job behind the mic as Kinetic Girl.

Sad -

Flashing Swords editor Howard A. Jones moved on to an editorial gig at Black Gate and the Burden of Bushido story he'd accepted late last year won't be published as FS's new editors are returning the e-zine. They may offer a spot in an e-anthology but so far I haven't heard a peep from the new editors.